Mini Projectors Co.

Q: Can I use headphones while using Mini Projectors Co?

A: Yes, Mini Projectors Co has a headphone output jack on the right-hand side, it supports most headphones.

Q: Does the Mini Projector work with mobile phones?

A: Yes, Mini Projectors Co connects with any mobile devices. You will need a HDMI adapter that connects with your phone’s charger to connect it.

Q: Does the Mini Projector head fast?

A: No way! The Mini Projector Co. is built with a unique cooling system that reduces heat and has a hydraulic axial fan. You can essentially use the mini projector for hours without it getting hot.

Q: Does the Mini Projector have speakers?

A: Yes, Mini Projectors Co. has its own audio system built into the projector. The speaker is located in the front of the projector.


Q: Do you ship overseas?

A: Yes, of course, we ship worldwide.

Q: How long will it take to get my order?

A: It depends on where you are. Orders processed usually take 6-10 business days to arrive. Some overseas deliveries take about 10-13 days or more. Delivery details will be provided to you in your confirmation email.

Q: What carrier do you use for shipping?

A: We use carriers best suited to deliver in your country.

After Purchase

Q: I’ve put the wrong shipping address, can I change?

A: Yes, please email us at support@miniprojectorsco.com as soon as possible so we can fix it for you. We can’t guarantee it will be fixed because all of our orders are usually processed immediately after order has been completed. We process to ship the same day or the following day. If your order has been processed already, we won’t be able to stop it. Please contact us and we will try to help out. We know it may be frustrating to have to pay for something that you can’t use.

Q: Can I change my shipping address?

A: Once an order has been placed in our system, the information goes straight to the shipping department which takes 1-3 days to process. The shipping department will then send the tracking codes to be entered and you will get an email. If you need to make changes to your shipping address, please contact our Customer Service as soon as possible after the order has been placed and we may be able to take care of it.

NOTE: To all customers that provided a different shipping address than their permanent address, we will not be responsible for lost or undelivered parcels and/or if you moved out of the address you provided us.

Returns & Refunds

Q: What if I receive a damaged or faulty product?

A: If you have received a damaged or faulty product from Mini Projectors Co, please send us a photograph, or video proof of the damage and we will send you a new working item right away to replace it.