Step By Step Guide to Set up Your Mini Projector

A projector can be a great addition to your home for entertainment of whole family and friends. You do not need to go to a cinema anymore and pay for expensive tickets when you have your own theater system at home. Moreover, as the science has become more advance and more and more inventions are being done, you can find plenty of variations in the projectors. Such as, you find big projectors, small projectors, and the features can be variant too, that you can select based on your needs and likeness.

However, buying a projector is easy but setting it up can be a little tedious because it does not involve only pressing the buttons and switching up. You must not worry by listening to this because here is a complete guide:

Step by Step Process of Setting Up Mini Projectors Co:

Here is a complete embedded with the systematic process to set up your mini projectors co:

1.    Finding the Location:

Most of the times we buy things but forget to decide for the perfect space for their placement. Things and devices like projectors must be placed at a place where there is a space for every household but also for friends. However, the mistake we make while placing the projectors is thinking them to be placed along the TV, which is wrong. You know that projector requires a bigger wall to reflect the picture. Along with the size, the textures of light also matters the most because the space should be dark 24x7 to make the projector’s image perfectly whenever required.

2.    Placing the projector:

Once the perfect space has found, it is time to place the projector and set it up at that very space. Now, you need a stool or table to place the projector. Make sure the stool is on enough height to make the perfect pictures because it a projector placed on a displaced height will give poor performance. Moreover, the height of the placement of your projector also depends upon its size. For example, if a projector is bigger, the placement would be on different and vice versa. Check the length from lens to screen rather than from floor.

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3.    Make Connections:

By making connections I mean, you need to put all the cables and wires on the appropriate places to make the connection. You can find cable box, one, streamer, one game console, a Blu-ray player, and some more gadgets, optionally come with many projectors. For the time being, turn off your projector and start putting cables. You must have HDMI cable to make the connection. If you are novice with the cable, you can take help from a friend who understands cables however, you do not need to be an electrical engineer to make connection. You will find a handout along the projector box where details of which cables to put where will be written. Use it to put the wires in right ports and turn your projector on.

4.    Doing color and resolution setting:

Some projectors come with automatic settings of color and resolution however, other may require you to set them up according to your requirement and the temperature and lighting in the surroundings. To set this up you will use remote controller that comes with your projector. In addition, there are some software applications available in the market that can come extremely handy in this regard.

5.    Projector image adjustment:

Now it is time to adjust the picture on the screen or the wall in front of which you have setup the projector. For this, you need to make sure that the project and the screen or wall where image will be formed remain perpendicular to each other. Along with this, you need to make sure that the far edges of your projector remain equally to the screen size and image should fill the complete screen. There is zoom in and out option to check the image adjustment.

6.    Setting Picture Mode:

If you go in to your TV’s settings, you can surely see picture mode there, a same picture mode is also given in your projector. To understand this, you can take example of filters such as humid, sunny, or night, which is the mode in which you want to see the pictures. For your convenience, to watch movies, can select the modes named as Movie or Cinema. However, if the light in ambient, to deal with this, you will have to go for a bit brighter mode. For playing games, you can select the game mode.

Some optional Settings for better Experience:

Here are two optional things to setup your mini projectors co. These points are not necessary but will surely add to your experience of watching movies at home:

7.    Setting up the Screen (optional):

Screen is placed on the wall where projector will make images. Though it is an optional step however most required for perfect home theater and gaming experience. The screen does not come in huge rates however can add a lot to your experience. Therefore, it is recommended to have a screen and set it up near to the wall. A screen gives you perfect images that otherwise look blur and broken. Moreover, as screen is colorless and made of plastic sheet, images it makes look just like images you see on TV, like HD images.

8.    Set up and attach speakers for extra awesome sound:

As you are using a bigger screen so you should have louder sounds to enjoy the whole movie session. So, if you have speakers, attach its wires with the projector. Remember, a projector does not come with speakers and if you will not have speakers to accompany it, your movie fun will remain in vain.

Bottom Line:

This is how you can completely setup your mini projectors co.